Wednesday, February 10, 2010


First post of some work stuff, a small selection of a few pieces that I don't hate. These are from the most recent game we've released Dante's Inferno (the facebook version) That we did in a partnership between lolapps and EA. It was definitely the most fun project I've had since I've been working there. Quick loose digital sketches that are going to be small enough that I can leave them pretty loose :) The other stuff is from Band of Heroes, it was the first game a did a lot of work on when I got there. It was pretty fun once I got over that "I'm cheating" feeling since it's made of all comped together old WW2 photos + Painting on top, coloring, adding smoke, explosions, etc.
Anyway here they are, ENJOY :)

Artwork(First Eleven Images) Copyright © Electronic Arts

Artwork(Last 9 Images) Copyright © Lolapps Media Inc.
(Fear the LolCat)